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Quilt Projects
This is a bearpaw top I made a few years ago. Someday I will finish the pieced back. It is 7' x 9'

This quilt was made using my folk musician drawings from my pattern book "Tell Me a Story-I'll Sing You a Song". My Folk Musicians Pattern Book

This is a quilt I am working on at the moment...(well..have been for 4 years now.....sigh...). It's called Texas Tears in this area. Other names are Jobs Tears and Slaves Chains. I didn't like either of those names.

Here is a picture of the actual quilt at the halfway point.

This is a top I made about 4 years ago. I call it Too Many Stars! It has 185 4 1/2" stars that were all hand pieced except for the diagonal on the triangle squares. I will eventually be quilting feathered wreaths in the open blocks.

Click on picture to see larger view.

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