Made By Dulciquilt -One of A Kind Collectible Polymer Clay Art Dolls

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All of these dolls are now in private collections. They are all one of a kind made to order.

This Santa is 24" tall and is built over a cone base as the client wanted him for a centerpiece. He is shown in two different settings.

This wee man started out as a Santa, but the client didn't like his impish grin, so he evolved into Seamus the harper.

This angel was designed as a tree topper, so she has no legs or lower torso.

These two were some of my early dolls made to 1:12 scale. They led to an order for the following set. I no longer have access to them, so cannot get better pictures.

I was sent a letterhead with a copy of the original newspaper etching of a Sherlock Holmes story. I had to read the story to get the details and make everything except the chair, which was a kit.

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